This year’s Organising Summit will take place on Saturday October 21st from 11am-6pm, at Cardiff University Students Union, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3QN.

All members of the IWW are very much encouraged to attend the Organising Summit, where we will:

  • Discuss the union’s organising strategy and tactics,
  • Share organising skills,
  • Discuss and look to overcome barriers and resolve problems, etc.

For a full details, a registration form or further information please email summit [at] iww [dot] org [dot] uk




11am Welcome to the Summit

Plenary: Democracy, equality and access issues arising from the membership survey

12pm Workshops

a Democracy, equality and access issues arising from the membership survey
b Workers Power in Under an Hour
c Supporting Prisoner Resistance
d Artificial intelligence and the end of work(ers)

1pm Lunch


2pm Workshops

a Introduction to Research Methods for Wobblies
b Street Skills
c Education, health and social care: the new pinchpoints?
d Recent Organising Efforts and Challenges in GLAMROC

3pm Workshops

a Administrating an IWW Organising Campaign
b Organising Efforts in West London Warehouses and Factories
c Casework experiences and best practices
d Antifascism in the IWW: an open discussion

4pm Workshops

a Organising Migrant Workers
b Education Workers Organising Session
c Recognition Agreements
d Reviewing IWW Organising Strategy 2012

5pm Plenary and review of the day

Towards an IWW Organising Strategy: the next 5 years
Potential actions for the union arising from this summit

6pm Close